Thesis Title

Study of real time interfaces and interaction models : applications in music composition.


Systematization of the interaction significances in a direct association  between computer science, musical creation and interpretation.  Observation of the intersections and the interactions rising from the relations:  man-man, man-media, machine-man and machine-machine. Comparative analysis of the relations between music and interaction:  changes introduced by real time technologies into musical creation. The relationship between the real time and the digital music instruments building:  ergonomics and functionalities of digital music instruments. Functional dimensions, interaction scales and functionality domains of the digital musical instrument. Integration strategies of digital musical instrument in concert. Substrates of technical virtuosity:  interactions between the musical substance and the limits of the instrument. Typological classification of communication processes and articulation underlying the integration of digital technologies in musical creation. Interactive musical systems analysis. Interaction as a form of multi-polarized entropy, distributed among multi-agents in the creative process. Technologies ontology. Adaptive and interaction processes between the genesis of each musical technique and technology.

Key Words

music composition;
musical performance
mixed works;
music interactive systems;
Interaction typologies ;
real time;
interaction : man-man, man-media, machine-man, machine-machine ;
digital music instrument ;
music instrument building.